Why a shop display?

A shop display is not one specific display. There are several displays that are suitable in a shop. Think of end-aisle displays or displays on the counter or on the shelves. Sale campaign displays or in-and-out displays are also suitable for your shop. You can use these displays to highlight certain products or brands to consumers or when there are promotions you want to highlight. Shop displays are also often used to convey information, such as the correct way to use a particular product. 

Customised shop displays

All our displays are made to measure. First, we discuss what types of displays you'd like in your shop and how you'll use them. This could, for example, be for a campaign or a particular theme such as a World Cup, Christmas or Easter. It's also important to know the period for which the displays will be shown as this will determine the choice of material. Our creative specialists will then work on the design and send you a 3D design. Are you satisfied? Then it goes to production and the different types of displays are made. 

Benefits of shop displays

  • Presenting products or conveying information in an eye-catching way 
  • Stimulate impulse buying in a shop 
  • Temporary or permanent displays 

Our method


We first discuss together what your wishes and plans are.
Based on the briefing in step 1, we start working on the creative concept. You will receive a number of 3D visuals and an estimate of costs.
Are you happy with the design and 3D visuals? Then technical development is the next step. Based on this, we make a final offer.
Model creation
We create a model, which is an initial version of the final product.
Once you are satisfied with the result, we start production.
When everything is ready you will receive the product and you can proudly place it.

Global Creations

  • We can deliver the display as a simple kit or fully assembled.
  • We develop displays taking logistical optimisation into account.
  • We are FSC certified and take the use of CO2 into account.


Look and admire

Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281) Floor displays

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