You will generate a real interest in your product with a customised display. You can select the display material yourself. The options are endless. The material that’s the best match for you depends on your design and budget. If you need a striking large display, the display material needs to be durable and stable. For smaller and easy to transport displays, it’s better to go for lightweight material. And of course, there are also sustainable options such as wood and Swedboard. We’re happy to help you and will use our creative and technical knowledge to offer you sound advice.

Combine store display material

One specific perfect display material doesn’t exist. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. So a solution can be to combine materials. This can enable a display to be both lightweight and stable. Or sustainable and functional. Our technical specialists are experienced in using various materials and in combining display materials. If you work with Global Creations, you’ll always receive sound advice.

Various types of display material

Global Creations has many years’ experience with different types of display material. We work with the materials, displays and instore communications stated below. All materials are available in various types and thickness and durability levels.