Why choose a wall display?

A wall display stands out because it is in a visible place. As a retailer, you can play around with presenting different products in a wall display. A wall display serves as your shop window. So you can showcase popular or more profitable products here. By presenting these products in a visible place, you make it easier for your customers. Which boosts sales even more. 

A custom-made wall display

We can fully customise a wall display for your shops. All shapes and sizes are possible. So you can have a wall display made for the products you'd like to stand out. This could be with adjustable bins or shelves, for example. Any technique and material is possible. Our creative specialists will create a design based on your requirements. This takes into account certain specifications, such as service life, product stock and the purpose of the display. Love the design? Then we send it to our production team. 

Advantages of wall displays

  • The wall display immediately attracts the consumers' attention
  • It's a great way to boost the sales of your products
  • Anything is possible in terms of shape, size, material, colour and technique

Our method


We first discuss together what your wishes and plans are.
Based on the briefing in step 1, we start working on the creative concept. You will receive a number of 3D visuals and an estimate of costs.
Are you happy with the design and 3D visuals? Then technical development is the next step. Based on this, we make a final offer.
Model creation
We create a model, which is an initial version of the final product.
Once you are satisfied with the result, we start production.
When everything is ready you will receive the product and you can proudly place it.

Global Creations

  • We can deliver the display as a simple kit or fully assembled.
  • We develop displays taking logistical optimisation into account.
  • We are FSC certified and take the use of CO2 into account.


Look and admire

Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279) Floor displays

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