Why choose an island display?

An island display is the best way to make your products stand out. You can put the display in any place, attracting attention immediately. You can place this display in the middle of an aisle, making it impossible for a customer to ignore your products. There are several creative ways to present your products in the best possible way.

A customised island display

An island display can be made in different shapes and sizes. We are happy to brainstorm with you. An idea alone is enough for our creative specialists. The result is always a unique custom-made display with a functional design. We work with you on the design and are happy to surprise you with a unique solution that ticks all the boxes. Love the design? Then we send it to our production team. 

Advantages of island displays

  • You cannot avoid an island display and it's visible from all sides 
  • Your product attracts the attention of the consumer and ensures an optimal experience
  • Anything is possible in terms of shape, size, material, colour and technique

Our method


We first discuss together what your wishes and plans are.
Based on the briefing in step 1, we start working on the creative concept. You will receive a number of 3D visuals and an estimate of costs.
Are you happy with the design and 3D visuals? Then technical development is the next step. Based on this, we make a final offer.
Model creation
We create a model, which is an initial version of the final product.
Once you are satisfied with the result, we start production.
When everything is ready you will receive the product and you can proudly place it.

Global Creations

  • We use our knowledge & expertise to find the right solution.
  • We design, develop and produce 'in house'.
  • We create customised displays, from design to production. 


Look and admire

Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - bags (0280) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - pans (0279) Floor displays
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281)
Honeycomb cardboard floor displays - clothing (0281) Floor displays

Need a custom

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