Unternehmerische Verantwortung von Global Creations

Eine bessere Umwelt und gesunde Arbeitsbedingungen für die eigenen Mitarbeiter sowie die der Lieferanten sind auch im Interesse von Global Creations. Diesbezüglich werden folgende Maßnahmen getroffen.
Umweltaspekte innerhalb Europas
⁃ Getrennte Entsorgung diverser Abfallströme
⁃ Grüner Strom und angemessene Isolierung im Büro und Lager
⁃ Moderner und sparsamer Fuhrpark mit saubereren Motoren und Rußfiltern
⁃ Kein oder möglichst wenig Einsatz von PVC in unseren Produkten
⁃ Nachhaltiges Holz und Holzmaterialien für alle europäischen Produktionen
⁃ Einsatz von Tinten auf Wasserbasis für alle europäischen Produktionen
⁃ Einsatz von weniger schädlichen Lacken für alle europäischen Produktionen
⁃ Einsatz des umweltfreundlicheren Swedboard-Materials anstelle von Holz (geringere CO2-Emissionen)
⁃ Clustering von Transporten innerhalb Europas (Weniger CO2)
Arbeitsaspekte weltweit
Für unsere weltweiten Produktionen hantiert Global Creations „Standards of Engagement“.
Sacre Blue B.V., its subsidiaries, and joint ventures (together hereinafter to be referred to as "Global Creations") are committed to offering high quality products at a good value to their customers. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Global Creations is also committed to (i) complying with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and regulations in each of the countries in which it operates, (ii) ensuring that the parties that supply Global Creations with goods and services (each, a "Supplier") do the same, (iv) validating the origin of goods offered for sale by Global Creations, and (iv) maintaining a high standard of business ethics and regard for human rights throughout its supply chain. These Standards of Engagement set minimum standards for Suppliers that are designed to ensure that Global Creations has visibility into all aspects of its supply chain and meets these objectives. In connection with the foregoing, each of Global Creations's Suppliers agrees to the following.
1. Observing all applicable laws and regulations
Suppliers must observe all applicable laws and regulations of their country, including laws relating to employment, discrimination, the environment, safety and health, and other fields. Suppliers must also comply with applicable national laws relating to the import of products, including country of origin labeling, product labeling, and product testing, in addition to all contractual requirements.
2. Employment Matters
Suppliers must treat all employees fairly and with dignity, and must observe the following specific requirements:
A. Legal Right to Collective Bargaining.
The legal rights of personnel to form and join trade unions of their choice and to bargain collectively shall be respected.
B. Prohibition of Discrimination.
No discrimination shall be tolerated in hiring, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on gender, age, religion, race, caste, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin, nationality, membership in workers' organizations including unions, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic protected by law. No employee shall be subjected to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment. Suppliers are expected to establish adequate complaint mechanisms for employees who believe they have been mistreated, and to ensure no retaliation against employees who raise complaints in good faith.
C. Compensation.
Employees shall be paid for all time worked. Wages paid for regular working hours, overtime hours and overtime differentials shall meet or exceed applicable legal minimums. Illegal deductions from wages shall not be made. Deductions for disciplinary purposes from wages for time worked are forbidden. Supplier companies shall ensure that wage and benefits composition are detailed clearly and regularly for workers; the supplier company shall also ensure that wages and benefits are rendered in full compliance with all applicable laws and that remuneration is rendered in a manner convenient to workers.
D. Working Hours.
The supplier company shall comply with all applicable laws on working hours, including maximum allowable working hours and days, and payment for overtime hours at a premium rate.
E. Workplace Health and Safety.
A clear set of regulations and procedures must be established and followed regarding occupational health and safety, especially the provision and use of personal protective equipment, clean toilets, access to potable water and if appropriate, sanitary facilities for food storage shall be provided. Employees shall receive adequate training to ensure that they can perform their duties in a safe manner. Workplace practice and conditions and conditions in dormitories which violate basic human rights are forbidden.
F. Prohibition of Child Labour.
Child labour is forbidden as defined by ILO and United Nations Conventions and/or by applicable law. Any forms of exploitation of children are forbidden. Working conditions resembling slavery or harmful to children's health are forbidden. The rights of young workers must be protected. Young workers shall not be exposed to hazardous conditions as defined by law. Furthermore, the supplier company shall employ children only under conditions that allow them to attend and remain in school until no longer a child.
G. Prohibition of Forced Labour.
Exploitation and Excessive Disciplinary Measures. All forms of forced labour, such as lodging deposits or the retention of identity documents from personnel upon commencing employment, are forbidden as is prisoner labour that violates basic human rights. Suppliers shall not exploit vulnerable populations. The use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse is forbidden.
3. Cooperation, providing information and access
Suppliers must provide information and access required by Global Creations to establish effective oversight of the business practices employed by its Suppliers and to monitor compliance these Standards of Engagement.
4. Subcontracting
If a Supplier hires a subcontractor in connection with providing goods or services to Global Creations, the Supplier shall cause the subcontractor to comply with these Standards of Engagement as if Global Creations entered into an agreement with the subcontractor directly.
5. Consequence of termination
If Global Creations terminates its relationship (including one or more of its contracts) with a Supplier due to the fact that such Supplier fails to meet the requirements of these Global Creations Standards of Engagement, no damages shall be payable by Global Creations in connection with such termination.