Displays are perfect for putting a reward or loyalty program in the spotlights on the shopping floor. From saving miles every time your refuel at the gas station to saving stamps in the supermarket for new tableware. Give more attention to these promotions and discover the possibilities of our loyalty displays.

Supermarkt  vloer display voor spaaractie van tupperwarebakjes

What are the requirements for a loyalty display?

Reward points and customer loyalty are important themes at locations where customers regularly return to, such as a supermarket or a gas station. Below we have summed up the most important conditions that a loyalty display must meet:

  • Remarkable displays that consumers cannot ignore
  • A firm design is important, due to the intensive use of the display
  • It must be taken into account that a display is constantly refilled
  • In general, displays for loyalty remain in shops for a longer time
  • Often national campaigns, so large number of displays are needed
  • Combination of a remarkable and a functional display

Vivo loyaliteitsprogramma

Our experience with loyalty programs

At Global Creations we have years of experience with reward programs and customer loyalty. For the last couple of years we have been responsible for the Vivo displays at Albert Heijn. We also create displays for big chains such as Delhaize, Lidl, Carrefour, Auchan, Netto, System-u, Aldi en Tesco. You will find our displays all over the world, throughout Europe, the United States and Canada.

Our way of working

Do you want to give your loyalty program a big boost? At Global Creations we have a fixed way of working for each project, for efficiency and clarity:

1. Tell us your wishes and request a quote, or contact us by phone on +31 (0) 33 – 456 4150.

2. We will present our creative ideas in the form of 3D visuals and share an estimate of the costs.

3. If step 2 is approved, we will start working on the technical development.

4. We will create a draft of the display which is the first version of the end product.

5. Are you satisfied with the result of the first version? Then we will start with the production of the display.

Display productie voorbeelden


We’ve been producing custom displays and instore communications for over 20 years.   Using different ideas, technologies and materials, we always develop smart solutions. You can see the result below. Simply browse the options available or search for something specific.

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We use various materials at Global Creations. Which one matches you best? It depends on your requirements and budget. Read more about materials or contact us for advice.

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