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In-store communication from A to Z

Global Creations takes care of the entire process from design to installation. Our creative specialists get started by creating and presenting a unique design. Once you’re satisfied with the result, our technical specialists will select the right technology and materials and we’ll start production in our modern 3,500 m2 production location. And if required, our engineering and installation team are also available to install the materials in your store.

Productie locatie Global Creations

Partner in Point of Sale materials

Good displays or in-store communications give your sales a boost and improve your brand awareness. Our many years of experience have taught us exactly how to approach any project. We’ll accept the challenge, whatever your requirements. This makes us the perfect partner in point of sale materials.

Quality for a competitive price

We fully understand that you don’t want to have to choose between price and quality. That’s why you don’t have to. ‘Providing the services of an agency for the cost of a supplier’ is our starting point. Would you like to know more about what we can do for your store? Please get in touch for obligation-free advice!

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We’ve been producing custom displays and instore communications for over 20 years.   Using different ideas, technologies and materials, we always develop smart solutions. You can see the result below. Simply browse the options available or search for something specific.

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Our assignments are just as diverse as our clients. That is what makes our work fun and special. We take every challenge with both hands. And always come up with a smart solution. Wondering how we approach this?

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