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Swedboard is used for manufacturing various promotional materials, such as show boxes and cardboard billboards. The difference between regular cardboard and swedboard is mainly that the latter material and the liner that we use, are very environmentally friendly. The fiber type (SB Fiber Premium) is 100% recyclable and FSC® certified. At Global Creations, we manufacture all kinds of promotional material in our factory using sustainable methods.

A table display is suitable for all kinds of products

Because a table display is available in multiple different layouts, the show box is very suitable for presenting all kinds of products. For example, you could present several small individual products all at once, in a well-organized manner. However, you can also use a table display for presenting bigger, heavier objects, such as bottles or jars. The kind of display is very versatile.

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Sturdy cardboard

At Global Creations, we manufacture all kinds of table displays made of sturdy cardboard in our factory. This type of display can be used to present different kind of products and, because of the strong material, will last a long time. It is also possible to have text or images printed on the cardboard in specific colors.

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If you would like to purchase a tailored display, there are a lot of options. We are happy to provide you with professional advice. Please contact us. Call +31 (0)33 - 456 4150 or send an e-mail to sales@globalcreations.nl. You can also fill out our contact form. If you already know what kind of display you want to order, request a quote.