Are you looking for the perfect presentation for your store? A window display will do the trick! Do you want a display that’s striking and eye-catching or do you prefer a sleek and stylish display? The possibilities are endless. With over 15 years’ experience in window displays, we can take on any challenge. Whatever your requirements, we always develop smart solutions. Curious about the options? Take a look around the website to see all the examples or contact us for more information. 

Op maat gemaakte etalage display voor speelgoed - Yoohoo Friends

Custom window display materials

At Global Creations we produce unique window display materials, especially for you. Our creative specialists get to work according to your requirements and budget. They will present you with a refreshing design. Our technical specialists will advise on technology and choice of materials, and our 3D display will give you a good idea of our proposal. We then get to work. We not only produce the window materials, we install them too, if required. We are your full-service partner in window displays and instore communications.

Etalage display voor kinder servies - Peter Rabbit

Specialist in window displays and materials

A custom window display? We’re happy to help. Our 3,500 m2 production location means that the possibilities are endless. So reap the benefit of our 15 years’ experience, knowledge and skills with instore communications and displays. Do you have any specific questions, or do you want to meet with us? Please do contact us! We’re happy to discuss this with you.

May we help you with a window display?

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