A sweet display is not only a practical way to present your products. The display gives your brand the right image and increases brand awareness. We use various technologies and materials, and our modern production location means that the possibilities are endless. For instance, we made an original display for quirky and distinctive brand Tony’s Chocolonely; a perfect match for the brand image. Want to know more? View some examples here, or contact us for more information!

Op maat gemaakte vloer display voor snoep - Tony Chocolonely

Custom sweet stands and displays in all shapes and sizes

At Global Creations we believe in a customised approach. A customised sweet display makes your product stand out and helps you grab your consumers’ attention. We’re happy to support you from A to Z. Our creative specialists will provide you with a striking design. Our technical specialists will advise on technology and choice of materials. Once you’re satisfied with our offer, we start production. The result is a functional, customised sweet display that our installation team will install in the ideal spot.

Op maat gemaakte snoep display - Tony Chocolonely

Specialist in instore communications and sweet stands and displays

Would you like to stand out with a sweet display? We’re happy to help with design, technology, production and installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you’d like an obligation-free meeting with us. Looking forward to showing you all the options available.

May we help you with a sweet stands and display?

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