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Point of purchase displays are a very important medium to many companies, mostly retailers. This type of promotional material includes different types of billboards and flyers. The advertising materials are put in a particular spot in the store, with the aim of convincing costumers to purchase a certain product, just before they are checking out. By this, the chances that the potential customer will also become a real paying customer are increasing. The use of point of purchase displays is very important in persuading customers to buy.

High-quality point of purchase displays, manufactured by an expert

Designing and printing point of purchase displays is a profession in itself. Because these advertising materials are used to persuade costumers to buy a certain product in the moment they want to check out, there must be no errors in the displays and the message should be very persuasive. There are several reasons why should let Global Creations be in charge of creating your point of purchase displays. We are a real expert when it comes to manufacturing advertising material and have a lot of experience. We make sure your display will meet all of your needs. 

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Discover all the possibilities

Point of purchase displays can have many different looks. For example, there are displays with text and signs with images or just one large image printed on the board. At Global Creations, the possibilities are endless. So be sure to contact us and we will happily advise you. You can reach out to us in multiple ways. Call +31 (0)33 - 456 4150, send an email to sales@globalcreations.nl or fill out the contact form. Do you already know exactly what you advertising material you would like to purchase? Then you can immediately request a quote