Please adhere carefully to the conditions below.

Incorrectly supplied artwork may result in additional DTP costs. You can always contact our experienced DTP department staff for advice and tips.


We work with Apple Mac systems, so it’s convenient if the supplied files were also produced on a Mac. If you use a Windows PC, files produced using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign usually do not present a problem. Files created in Corel Draw first need to be imported in Adobe Illustrator. However, this could result in problems. Documents created in Word cannot be processed! Please send the formatted file to your sales department contact person, And don’t forget to include a PDF of JPEG file.


Programs used by Global Creations are:


System software MAC OS X

Adobe InDesign CC2016

Adobe Illustrator CC2016

Adobe Photoshop CC2016

Adobe Acrobat CC2016

Solidworks 2015

Cinema 4D R18


Check the “Overprint stroke” attribute

Always convert used fonts to paths (type/create outlines). You should supply fonts if it is likely that text needs to be edited.

Imported illustrations and/or scans should also be supplied separately (in order to carry out any colour modifications), even if these are embedded.

PMS colours should not be converted to CMYK values.

Do not use the transparency option for overprinting as transparent image elements will then disappear from the image on further editing.


Images should be saved as tiff in CMYK.

Do not supply any colour-separated DCS files.

Merge images with spot colours. However, you should mention the PMS colour numbers.


Supplied RGB files will be converted to CMYK, which means that colour variations may occur.


Do not forget to supply imported files such as illustrations, photos and other scanned images. This, of course, also applies to all used fonts.

Do not make the paths too complex for imported individual Photoshop files.

Files formatted in other programs should only be supplied in consultation with the Studio department.

When using CS3, also add an ‘InDesign Interchange’ file.


When supplying documents also supply the fonts used. If possible: create font outlines of the files.

Transport tool:




FTP (please contact us about this)

Please send everything including the required illustrations and fonts.


Supplied files that are not produced entirely in accordance with these conditions may be subject to price modifications and changes to delivery dates.