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When usingforex board you are able to put a spotlight on both your company and your product. At Global Creations, you decide what the design of the display material will look like. Would you like to add certain images or text? Both can be directly printed onto the forex board, leading to extra bright colors and high-quality printed images. By choosing this printing technique, you are certain to attain the desired result.

A forex board made of PVC

A forex board is made of rigid foamed PVC, which is finished with a white matte coverage. No matter the products or services your company offers, with forex board you can clearly communicate your message, using the right words and images. One of the benefits of using PVC, is that the image that is printed on the board remains colourfast. On top of that, the display material is very lightweight. This makes is possible to easily place it anywhere and translocate it when necessary.  

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Would you like a forex board printed with a certain text and images on the product, such as a logo? No problem, as your options are endless. We would love to share our ideas with you. Please get in touch with our experts in if you are interested. You can contact them in multiple ways. You can fill in our contact form, call +31 (0)33 - 456 4150 or e-mail to sales@globalcreations.nl. You can also request a quote directly.