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Falconboard has been a popular material for manufacturing packaging and display products for many years. The material consists of two layers of cardboard, with a honeycomb structure placed in between. This combination of materials makes falconboard extra strong. Because the base consists of cardboard, a display made of falconboard is very steady.

A customized display made of falconboard

Global Creations specializes in manufacturing displays that are made of falconboard. Falconboard offers various opportunities and makes it possible to create fully customized display materials that meet all of the customer’s needs. Because of the properties of the material, a display made of falconboard can be easily be cut into the desired shape. Printing a certain image or adding text to the display is also possible. The result? A unique display that you can use to present your products in a very special, beautiful way. This way, a boost in sales in easily attained. 

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There are many different options available if you would like to purchase a beautiful display made of falconboard. Thanks to our extended knowledge and years of experience, we can offer the right solution in every situation. Are you interested in our services? We would like to share our ideas with you. Call +31 (0)33 - 456 4150 or send us a message via sales@globalcreation.nl. If you already know what kind of display you want to order, you can request a free quote. After your request to make further arrangements, we will contact you as soon as possible.