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Since a fair is the perfect place to showcase and offer your products and services, it is important to present your product range in a unique way, with the use of the right display. With one of the high-quality displays manufactured by Global Creations, you are ensured of presenting your product(s) in a beautiful manner. This way, you will certainly attract attention among all fair participants. This increases the chance of selling a large amount of your stocked products, so that you will earn back (a part of) your investment.

Present your products at a fair on a display made of high-quality materials

Would you like to purchase a display that you can use during a fair? Then you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, it is important to purchase a display that offers enough space for the products you want to present. It’s important to present all of your products in a unique, beautiful manner, so that they will stand out. The way the product is presented must also match its attributes. Consequently it is very important that your display is manufactured from the right materials suited to this task. For example, if you are a jeweler, you could go for a more luxurious material such as plastic. If you sell a natural product, such as flowers or plants, a Swedboard display is an excellent choice. This material is as strong as wood and can be fully printed.

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We use a wide range of materials

At Global Creations, we offer various displays made of different materials. With your wishes in mind, we will create the perfect display to use during a fair.

  • Swedboard displays are made of double-walled cardboard; they are relatively cheap and can be used several times.
  • Metal displays are very sturdy and ideal to showcase industrial products.
  • Cardboard displays are an inexpensive solution for presenting all kinds of products in a beautiful way.